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2021 Dating App Neccessities?

Excerpt from Season 1 | Episode 6

Alisa Purifico: What tips do you have for people when they’re choosing a dating  platform? 

Dr Christie Kederian: Shameless plug, I have an assessment on my website. You can download that freebie, but if you’re looking for someone that’s not as frequently occurring in society. So an example, I work with a lot of Armenians and a lot of Armenians wants to date someone who’s Armenian.

So you need to go on an app that gives you a lot of options like Bumble, because there’s a lot more potential that there’s going to be more Armenian guys versus if you were on coffee meets bagel and you get three matches a day, it’s gonna take you a lot longer to see potentially an Armenian come through just by ratio.

So if you’re looking for some sort of quality, that’s a lot less occurring in society, you want an app that gives you a lot more choices and a lot more matches and I usually will recommend using one that’s a little bit more selective and potentially a paid one, like E harmony or Match as well as one that’s like a swipe app. So usually I’ll recommend Bumble  () shamelessly my husband and I met on Bumble and either like E harmony Match or Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel. Don’t try to go on every app you’ll just overwhelm yourself.