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The Boobie Show-Off

I want to tell you just cause it’s fun. I did the same topic for my women’s and my men’s group. My no-nos. What not to do for your online dating profile pics. And what was really fun about this one? I said no boobies! Really don’t go for a woman that shows her boobies. I want you to think about that a little bit.

If you go for a woman that shows her boobies, what does that say? She’s probably not very self-respecting and probably has a lot of drama in her life. She’s showing you almost all her boobs. Yeah she’s looks hot, but what kind of woman are you going to get? What kind of life are you going to have with her? Probably a lot of drama and craziness.

I am all for showing my boobies to the guy I’m dating. I have no desire to show my boobies to some random guy on there. No boobies if you want to show off your figure, then wear a nice tight shirt, it could show it off, but don’t flare out your boobies.

Okay. And for you guys for women, don’t go after those women, please. Save yourself a lot of headache. Don’t do it.