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Avoiding Awkward

How do you recommend leading with conditional things that, are breakers or not breakers without seeming insensitive.

I say you don’t ask anything like that on the first date, because all you want to do on a first date is know if you like this person. Do they have an energy and an interest to you, that you are interested in pursuing. Don’t get into something that’s so serious and can potentially cause upset to somebody else, that’s not necessary.

Once you decide, you want to know more about that person and you’re going forward, then you can start asking more sensitive questions. Lisa, you put that really well because then a lot of people like to put the cart before the horse, meaning like they want to know deep.

Questions before they get to know the person, but it’s really no, you don’t get to know those deep things until you get to know the person first. Everybody’s like missing a step. you don’t actually get to know that information before you do the work. Absolutely. They haven’t earned that trust yet. This is a stranger to you, and you’re just going to share sensitive information with them? Something that I always say if somebody asks you something sensitive that you don’t feel like talking about then just share with them.

That’s something I’ll share with you when I get to know you better.