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Exercise #1 – Dr. Christie Kederian’s “SILVER BULLET SWIPE” Dating Method

Christie Kederian December 30, 2020
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EXERCISE #1 – Dr. Christie Kederian’s “SILVER BULLET SWIPE” Dating Method

Follow this method to prevent wasting time looking on the wrong dating profiles.

STEP #1: Select 1 foundational “MUST-HAVE” quality you seek in your future significant other. This is usually something grounded such as religion, location, or culture.  It should be such, that if your match DIDN’T have this quality…you’d move on without question.

STEP #2: From this point forward, when you’re swiping on a dating app, or browsing on a dating site, you’re solely focused on this particular “must have” quality. If you come across someone with this quality, you hit/swipe yes on them, and keep going — you are unconcerned with any other part of their profile at this stage.

STEP #3: Repeat this process every morning, for 20 minutes, 5 days a week.

STEP #4 In the evening, (or whenever you have the “most” time), dedicate 60 minutes to answering messages, or reaching out to the matches from earlier in the day.

In the next module, Dr K goes over how to fix that dang tone of yours! 🙂