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Exercise #2 – “WATCH YOUR TONE!” Self Review

Christie Kederian December 30, 2020
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Have you ever been told, “watch your TONE!” We’ve all been there. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to adjust or get clarity on with complete strangers. But yet, it can still make or break your dating odds. This exercise will help you gage if your dating TONE needs auto-tuning, and what to do about it.

STEP #1: Bring up your last 3 interactions with your most recent “love connection.”

STEP #2: Take screenshots or write down both of your interactions.

STEP #3: Review. Are you asking them any questions? Or mostly talking about yourself? Are you asking ALL the questions? Are they asking you any questions, back?

STEP #4: This is how you can gage if they’re interested in you. Rule of thumb, after 2 or 3 of these SMS interactions, ask for video chat – anything else is a waste of your time.