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Dating After Covid

I want to give a little shout tonight. One, to the people who are looking for some clarity. Hey, I’ve been in this spot again. AGAIN! I’m stuck. I’m in a rut. I don’t want to be in a rut anymore, I’m tired of being the complainer.

So first question, what is your biggest relationship struggle right now? What’s going on? Are you putting it to the side? Are you somebody that’s saying, you’re going to do this post the pandemic. I want to open up your minds a bit here. You’re not crazy, but here’s the thing. Nobody was going out last year either. And this blows my mind.

Everybody’s Oh, there’s a pandemic, I’m alone. Isolated. I can’t meet people I did before. Yes, it’s true. But literally the same amount of people were staying home last year, too. So that means the same people were sitting here, wondering what to do. And listen, I’m not saying that like it’s easier, but it is in different ways.

Yes, the bars and restaurants are closed and yes, things are not the way you knew them to be last year, but people are focusing in, on each other and on real conversations more than they ever have. I’ll even, I haven’t got some fancy stats for you to. Literally, last year over 30 million people were online dating in the U S okay. woohoo.

Tinder messages got a 30% bump over the quarantine because people are getting deeper with the conversations, obviously. And on Bumble there was a 30% increase in messages sent.. And so that’s a lot. That is a huge portion.

That means people are really focused in and engaging with their activities and people. And when we ask why this is, what’s your biggest struggle? Can you not find people? Is it a quality thing? Is it a time thing? Is it a tools thing? It always boils down to one of those three things.

You weren’t going out last year. You likely weren’t going to go out this year. So take this time to understand how can you connect with somebody in a really non-intimidating way, why weren’t you, why weren’t you going out and connecting with people?

What was stopping you? What was holding you back? Let’s be real. Let’s do it. Let’s talk about it. Let’s strip it down. Let’s have a chat because only then when you really ask yourself, these questions, and you can say it out loud… will your person arrive.