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Dating Double Standards

Do you think there’s a double standard in dating? And of course, I think the natural reaction is that there are double standards everywhere.
But when the double standards are trying to date each other, it becomes really complicated. You can’t show up to a date with a chip on your shoulder. And your date also can’t also show up with a chip on their show.

You guys, aren’t going anywhere if everybody’s showing up on the date with chips on their shoulders, that sucks. So you have to recognize that. And the minute you recognize that you can turn the ship around, which is like amazing. Now you’ve got all the money. You’ve got all the power you’ve got all the energy.

You’ve got everything in your favor to turn the ship around. The first thing you do is:

Stop assuming or expecting your life, your single life, your dating life should be any more glamorous, any more easier, any more intuitive or smoother than it already is. That’s all baloney. You have to work at it. Pretty diligently, just like married people and relationship people do at their relationships and their marriages every day.

So that is the secret… if you’re single, you have to work on it… if you’re in a relationship, you have to work on it… if you’re engaged, you have to work on it… if you’re married, you have to work on it, all these things… you have to work on it. If not, you are going to feel a sense of loneliness. There is no lazy way out of it. If you choose the lazy way out. You get yourself. That’s the lonely part.

But for those of you who are like, no, I’m with you, screw that. I don’t need that. Let’s go, I’m ready to give my heart and be awesome and step up and live my life and be more fulfilled with a family and a life. Then you are my kind of person, cause we’re going to talk about what does it even mean to be single.