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Emotional Intimacy & COVID

Right now we’re seeing an interesting, positive through COVID is that people are getting to know each other a lot more emotionally before the physical side heats up.

There’s been some research on this that’s interesting in that, we have different levels of intimacy and often we feel like we’re really attracted to somebody and then we hook up on the first day or something. The physical intimacy is up here [points high] and then the emotional, mental, spiritual intimacy doesn’t really have time to catch up. But if we are all doing it at the same rate, that has more potential to build a foundation where a relationship can come from that.

I encourage all my clients to be okay with where they’re at with hooking up on the first day or knowing where someone else is at with how strict or not that they are with quarantining and things like that. But it’s been an interesting thing because we’re getting to know each other a lot more via video dates, and then you can think more clearly about if someone’s a good fit for you. .