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Exposing a Catfish

In this video, we’re going to go over a few of the sample matchmaker assisted dater checks. The first one here is the female. The second would be the male and the third would be catfish.

The reports are a PDF. We run a public record check on the person. And we use three services,, and Social Catfish.

So now, as you can see on this one,

We found lots of information on her. First one is the been verified report. And somewhere down here, we’ll find a truth finder report as we scroll down. All of this information is just public record information that’s on the internet. Here are some social profiles. Assets. Her LinkedIn.

Basically we go in, we take anything that we can find on the user and we put it into a document and we print the document out as a PDF. So there’s one. And now let’s close that one and let’s jump into the male. Okay. No real big difference here between the male and the female. It’s just a different person. They’re exactly the same.

This one is a truth finder report. And then the been verified should pop up here down at the bottom.

But it does not say that he’s a sex offender. It says these are the sex offenders near him. Near the address. Again, public information. Mobile numbers. Business affiliations. Looks like he’s an insurance agent, so can confirm his career there. His job. Finances, you can see the lein he has on a house there.

Assets. And the final one is the one that we all love is the catfish one. So this is an example of a report that we didn’t find anything on the person. And so what we did was when we don’t find anything on the person, we take their photo that was submitted and, or any of the information, we throw it into social catfish.

And social catfish does a backward search off the image and returns all of the places on the internet, where that image has been used. And so we were able to then confirm that not only was that image used. Across the web for this lady here. I think this is the actual person that, the photo belongs to Sabrina, which is not the name that was submitted, Vanessa.

As you can see that that was definitely a fake profile. So they’re using a fake picture. On a different name. So an example, catfish report there.