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Exposing Fake Profiles

Alisa Purifico: Hi, how are you girl? You’ve got to up date go. 

Member: I’m giving one young fellow in business for himself. He sells minerals stones and it is trading for gold. Uh, Which is really interesting. I mean, I looked it up. It’s like  and he said he flat out, I mean, a two thousands of flowers a couple of days ago, a long with, um, HelloFresh, uh, in delegates certificate.

Okay. He’s good to talk to each. He really treats me like a queen.

Alisa Purifico: I’m just watching your energy right now, honey. And you like this guy and I can see it and feel it. And I know you’re nervous cause he’s in Cali. That’s what I can tell. I get in 

Cali and he has his mate meetings. He has his friend, Alan that he meets a lot with and Allah gives him referrals.

So. You know, I try to do a look up a search because I am always curious about searches. I mean, my girlfriend, a while back, she did a search and she couldn’t leave the stuff that blue background, this young man. And I couldn’t find anything on him. I found nothing on him. So, I don’t know. I don’t know. I pray a lot, not ask God, Scott, please close the doors for me.

They’re not forming because I tell you the games and just the talk and there’s stuff that goes on. You know, as far as gaming, I have been really kind of listened in and I have to listen because of the games right out 

Alisa Purifico: there. You’re right. It is easy for a guy to wine and wine and dine you virtually across state lines.

Like that is easy breezy, lemon squeezy. You could be shorted. Are there other flags about him or other than the fact that he’s in California, that you find unattractive or is that really the main. Bottleneck. 

Member: Well, I hadn’t met him face to face it face to face, says a lot. You know, you can talk on the phone.

Um, if you don’t got no face, no, I hate doing zoom. I don’t like that. And I hate, I hate, I hate myself in your 

Alisa Purifico: camera, help you with that though. But that’s an easy fix though. Cause here’s a couple things. One, there’s a beauty filter that most women don’t know about and I will send you the. Article and you just, you just turn it on and it gives you a little shaggy.

Member: That’s so nice. Hm. I can move. I can move forward with that though. I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Okay. So 

Alisa Purifico: think the first question we ask ourselves is this guy, really somebody that is hitting you in the right way. Like if you weren’t in California right now, that’s the only block would you consider him?

If that’s the case, then initiate a video chat if you’ve already written him off because he’s too far and you’re just not into it. That’s okay to just let them know that. But I just asked yourself that question, like, what do you want? Like, do you want to explore and see how it goes? Um, because here’s the good thing.

That’s what we do is vet people when we vet contract, because people need help figuring out how real people are. 

Member: That’s a wonderful Bay. I don’t think a lot of social sites like this to that. Nobody does. We run 

Alisa Purifico: background. We run dead date checks on all of your dates. So that way, whoever you decide to engage with you can feel confident about, you know, more information.

Member: That’s awesome. I’m impressed. Yes, it is important. And so give me a lot of relief to know who I’m talking to. 

Alisa Purifico: Scott, do you have any questions you just reach out? Let me know. Uh, but the time with me, we got 

Member: you. I can’t wait. I can’t wait. 

Alisa Purifico: Hey, you guys, Alyssa here. I wanted to come back and give you an update because these things are, they’re kind of not tell they unravel.

We ran data background check, not only one, but two guys that charming, mysterious California guy. And actually you guys, I’m just going to share with my screen and I’ll check it out. I’m going to show you. All right. So is he down here? This guy, this is the, this is the photo, uh, that he was sending her that, you know, look how cute he is.

He said he was in the States that these are his dogs. And after we ran the check, uh, just take a look right up here. Um, this is just one of the photos of him, but we ran the full check of the full report. I turned out to be a celebrity reporter in Brazil. His name is Donnie didn’t nuncio. Uh, very handsome, no doubt.

Uh, but, but not, not our man does. I don’t think Donnie is available and he’s very much in Brazil. The moral of the story is you guys a quick check and boom, boom. Later we busted these guys. We figured out who they were and now she doesn’t have to spend any more time dreaming about what life might be like with these two guys, because they’re not real.

And so she can actually move on and go start talking to real guys who are, who they say they are. Even if you haven’t been scammed on a dating site yet. I hope you never do be smart. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I can’t wait to meet you and see you in the group. All right.