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Happy Singles Awareness Month

Happy Singles Awareness month.

You can hold your applause for the sarcasm. Relax, if that joke offended you, please go watch something else, because this is not your channel.

Anyway, for the rest of you who stayed and thought that was funny, happy singles awareness month, but no joke. I get it… February. It is the reminder for all of you who are single [that you’re still single].

But here’s the secret sauce though, before you get all uppity. Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure for people in relationships too. It’s like a magnifying glass on your relationship, whether or not you want to have one.

And you guys know this too, like whether you’re single or whether you’re in a relationship or whether you’ve been in either one Valentine’s day is just a lot of expectation all around. I don’t think anybody really loves it. If you do please comment and tell us why I would love to know.

But anyway, that being said, what we do love, is being in love and being with our partners and enjoying each other. And I think everybody if you have a chance to celebrate that, why not? Of course, it doesn’t have to be with stereotypical things. In fact, the weirder, the Valentine’s day, the better. In our book anyway.