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How to Creep, Less…

You are in the right place if you just really wish people would creep less. This is really a shout to my ladies and all my fan boys, if you’ve been creeped on, on the internet in any way, shape or form. It’s weird dating on the internet, I don’t think it was ever fun for people and it’s really not fun anymore. We need to turn that around. There’s no other option. If you want to be with somebody, dating is the only option. Or you need to go get an arranged marriage or whatever you want to do but let’s turn this ship around.

You are in the right place f you’re over creeps on the internet and you’re just looking for a better way to navigate how to meet someone new. How to meet someone of quality. How to better spend your time so you’re not so deflated when you’re talking to somebody

You’re also in the right place if you’re like, wait a minute, like wait… I’m who you’re talking about. I’m the creep! But I don’t mean to be the creep. I don’t mean to.. How do I fix it?

Here’s the thing I want to give a lot of empathy and sympathy to the girls and guys out there who are trying their best and they’re not really making the best moves and they’re not smooth. They don’t really know that they’re not smooth. But, there’s a lot to be said for wanting to learn and wanting to change things. And again, the goal is not the action, the goal is the intention. So how can we get your intention to match your action?

And then also too, I think everybody’s tired of being cooped up. And also you’re just looking for more relatable ways to date, it doesn’t take too long to flip open Instagram to look at somebody’s fake story. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to see that, right?

Like you don’t want to see your friends [perfect] relationship. No, you don’t want to see that it’s miserable and that’s actually not what’s happening.

So let’s just share our real dating stories, because I think if we heard more about that, then we will all feel less alone and silly and less gun shy to actually try really cool, fun things.