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It Still Sucks…

You’re still single. It still sucks. And it just seems you were lonelier this year than you were last year, but here’s the reality, aren’t you tired of being the complainer, right?!

Aren’t you just tired of being tired of being tired of that. Who wants, who wants that? Nobody, uh, like, do you want that for yourself? No.

So anyway. Tonight you are in the right place if either you are nervous to connect with strangers or you’ve been putting yourself out there, but your love life just isn’t where you want it to be. . I mean, if that’s true. If that’s really truly who you are. I get it.

If you’re anxious and a bit nervous to connect with strangers, you know, you’ve actually got to be a pretty strong person to actually admit that about yourself, because deep down that’s actually where most of us live.

Or maybe you might even be just exhausted from talking about it. You’re just like, you know, I got to work on it, but I’m really tired of talking about it. Cause it’s really not sexy. Like it is in the movies. So what do I do? If any of those things stand out to you, then you were in the right place. But please let us know which one sounds most like you?.