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It’s OK to Fail

Unless you’re a prodigy, you have failed in some capacity.

If your biggest disappointment in dating is this concept of failure. This idea that we weren’t taught to fail, in dating, especially in fact, the opposite. We’ve been taught that this first relationship of yours could be the last one. It could be the most precious one. So don’t, you dare mess it up because it could be the thing. Right?

So it’s a lot of pressure. It’s a lot of pressure for most of us when we’re 15 or 16, or whenever this happens to you, but that’s not your 15 or 16 year old case when you’re training for your favorite sport, right. When you’re ready to play for the football team, you know, you’re going to fail, you’re not gonna be the best.

Or you’re playing an instrument or you’re studying, a language… Unless you’re a prodigy, you have failed in some capacity. And by the way, that’s acceptable. And that’s good. Because the more you’ve failed, the sooner you’re going to hit that moment of succession. A moment you’re going to succeed.

And that’s what you want. Right?!

But in love, it’s like what? You’re not supposed to do anything at all, and it’s supposed to work for you. You must be amazing. We all must be amazing that we just attract this love and we don’t do anything. I hope you’re laughing with me because I hope you hear the ridiculousness.