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Meet Bobby Rio

Happy Wednesday I’m Alisa Purifico, giving you the information about how to get into relationships, dates, how to get laid, how to do all the things that not enough people are talking about.

What’s awesome about it is I get to bring on all of my super date expert, friends who know a lot about this stuff. AND, who can give you a lot of answers into why it is that you’re having a hard time, right?

You’re having a hard time in your dating life and your love life, and chances are you’ve been having the same problems the whole time. Just a hunch there.

Tonight, we’re specifically going to be chatting to those of you who are the alphas, those of you who are making the moves and wondering if they’re working.

And if you’re not making any moves, then you’re in the right place, because this is what we’re going to be chatting about. And I’m pumped because a vet in the space Bobby Rio, my brother, he is going to come on and tell it like it is telling it to my fella’s and to the ladies too.

Listen, ladies, it is just as important for you to understand what’s going on as well. So you can make sure that you are communicating clearly. But Bobby knows what’s up. He’s gonna give it to you clear, and just really debunk all of that crazy mythical mystical stuff that you think you know, that you think you don’t know. And so we’re just going to lay it out there for you, because that’s what I like to do on this show, whether you like it or not!