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Neuro Coaching with Vanessa Ringel

Before we talk about anything, these guys know who I am, but for anybody that’s new, I’m Alisa Purifico editor in chief of This is Neuro Coach Vanessa Ringel.

I’m a Neuro Coach and I am spiritual psychologist. I was the first head matchmaker at three-day rule and that kind of led me to this.

So I work a lot on relationships and love and helping people manifest their soulmates.

Very rarely do I get to have such cerebral chats with people. And I really enjoy the sense of science and just the normalcy you bring to certain thoughts and things. And I think it’s really time for guys to totally get like, Yo, it’s not my fault.

I don’t need to carry this crazy heavy burden of how to court women and like all this kind of stuff. So,

so confusing. It’s more confusing than ever. Like, that was what I found even when I was a matchmaker. And I feel like now it’s even more confusing, like 10 years later and it’s like, Like way, way, way more confusing and throwing COVID and throwing all this stuff.

It’s like, people don’t know how to behave. They don’t know like men want to be masculine, but then they’re like, you know, they don’t there’s hashtag me too. And then there’s just like all of these like mixed messages. So it’s like very confusing for everyone. The whole landscape. So, yeah, I’m excited also to ground the woo woo.

Like, I love that you said like the intellectual conversation, like yeah, it can be, you can be spiritual and talk about things like manifestation and do it in a way that’s very intellectual and grounded. So I love doing that.