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No MIA Pictures

No M-I-A pictures!

What does that mean? No missing in action. What do you mean, Janet? What does that mean? Do you know how many pictures I’ve seen of men where their very first picture, they’re not even in the picture. Like they didn’t look. What I’m trying to say is look and check.

Didn’t even look to see that they’re in the picture. So they have a picture like this. They’re like, where are we here? You hardly see them and then there’s nothing there. You just didn’t check to see. So when a woman sees that, they go, what? This guy doesn’t even have the, where with all to check, to make sure that his picture looks good.

Like it looks correct in the dating app, then he must notā€¦ I don’t want to date a guy like that. That’s weird. Okay. So you want to make sure you’re checking your pictures. It really tells a woman that you’re really not serious about stuff. You’re not serious. You’re not willing to take the time, you’re probably messy around the house or something like that.

So make sure you look at that and make sure it looks good.