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No Sunglasses or Masks!

I’ve seen profiles of men that have every single picture with sunglasses on. We can’t see you. So don’t do it!

No sunglasses and no masks in your profile picutre, you just don’t need to do it.

First of all, it’s ridiculous. You can’t see your beautiful smile. That’s the whole reason for a picture is to see you see anything. but your eyes. That’s weird. So take those pictures out.

Also your sunglasses, especially your first picture. Some of these dating websites, the only time you really get to see someone’s picture at first is just one picture. It’s not like I’m I think match you can see a bunch of pictures at once but some of these websites, you only see one picture.

So you want to, we want to see your beautiful eyes, like the window to the soul. So you wanna make sure we can see your beautiful eyes. Don’t do that. You want to make sure that we can see your eyes and we can see your beautiful smiles. That’s why I say no masks and no sunglasses. So again, the first picture you want to make sure you don’t have sunglasses on so we can really see you .

It’s so funny. I’ve seen profiles of men that have almost, I think, every single picture with sunglasses, on we can’t see you. So don’t do it!