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Relatable Dating Resources

Would it be helpful to see more relatable dating stories? If so, what kind? and be kind 🙂

Let’s talk about dating situations. It’s like, all right, great. Whether you’re a girl or a guy, whatever, you’ve got friends, they’re getting you to go out or you’re meeting somebody, it takes all these things, all this energy to get out and go there or connect with somebody.

You have to do your hair, you’ll do your outfit. You have to find the bar. You have to go to the thing, you gotta message the person, go download the app. You got to ask the questions, all these things for something you’re not even sure what actually emerges. So how do we make you work less, AND actually work on the things that need your energy and actually let all that other stuff find its way?

I think a lot of that is resources. How can we keep helping you guys?

The question I have for you would it be helpful for you guys to see more relatable dating stories? This is important to me and I want you guys to be honest and let us know what they are.

Let us know what kinds specifically, because, dating is so dynamic and there are so many different kinds of people and types of relationships. And it’s really important that if you don’t see yourself represented up here that you speak up and let us help you connect with somebody great!

Because chances are, somebody great is actually really not that far away. They just don’t know you’re there and that’s what this is here for.