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Tell Us Your Experience

When we’re thinking about a dating app. We’re really talking about the kind of tools that you’re using. But my question for you is, if you are dating online, what has your experience been like dating online right now? What is it? Especially since we’re in a pandemic, it’s difficult to even navigate these things. So what has your experience been like dating online right now?

Has it significantly changed since prior pandemic? Do you feel odd asking these certain questions. Do you have different things or do you like it better? Is it actually cool to have a shield knowing that you’re like, all right, I gotta connect with somebody first. I’m going to vet this out. I’m going to really make sure this is worth my time before we, connect and do a date. So let us know. I really want to know whether it’s good or bad or lukewarm or you haven’t thought about it. What is your experience right now? Dating online. Go ahead and comment! Would love, love, love to hear what you guys have to say about that.

And if you’re not dating online, would love to know what your experience has been meeting new people right now. Really interested in that. Obviously dating online is a place to start. It’s a lobby. It’s a first round. It’s a place to do some screening.

So if you are meeting people in person, where, how, what has your experience been like? Is it better? Worse? What are your struggles? And would really like to hear those things too, because if you’ve learned something that’s helpful, we love to share those with other people.

But in reality, again, and I like to say this routinely, nobody has mastered falling in love in a pandemic. Nobody has mastered falling in love over the internet or digital space. So don’t be ashamed and don’t be even remotely embarrassed don’t be any of those things. If you’re single and you don’t know why you’re single and you’re not mastering dating tech, like this is ridiculous.

Technology is evolving faster than WE ARE, currently. So it’s natural for you to not have any idea how to date on the internet. So the next best thing you can do is say, “you know what fine, I’m going to be me. And I’m going to lean into a community or person or people that are going to help me figure out how to meet other people.”

So please, your experience, please write below. We would love to know!