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The Best Places for Finding Real Connection

The real connection you are looking for, CAN happen… with time, with investment and with the right person.

The best place that you can find a real connection is to just put your expectations on about when you’re going to actually feel that.

The moral of the story here is… even on a first date, if you don’t feel an extra connection and extra spark. Especially if you are over 35 years old, I’m not talking if you’re a teenager, if you are an adult and you’re on a first date with somebody and it was a nice time and you had good things in common and good conversation, you need to go on a second date.

You do not have to wait for the magical Disney fireworks sparks moment, please. Don’t.

And if you do, and you use that as the spirometer, then you are going to keep failing because that is not real. Because of all the reasons that we’ve talked about on this show.

One because of hormones. Two, because of how old you are. Three, because that’s not real life. The real life version of someone to finishing your sentences can happen with time, with investment, with the right person.

And then finding the right person has different expectations at that stage. So now the question becomes, what are the expectations on a first date? How do I look for somebody that’s a good match for me? And then we can ease up the questions and make it lighter and make it easier for him. And for you. So you guys can actually go somewhere.