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The Right Place

If you’re a lady and you’re interested in being courted by a fellow, this is for you. Wondering if you’re in the right place?

You are, If you’re a guy and you’re dating online or you’re dating organically in general or on an app, or just in general if you’re interested in being courted by a fellow if that’s of interest to you and you’re waiting to be courted by a guy on an app or a site.

It’s good that you’re watching this or, if you want to know what it is that you’re doing that is seemingly scaring, everyone else away, right? Maybe even online, maybe you’re doing the work. Maybe you’re meeting people organically. Maybe you think you are, but it’s not working. Nothing’s happening.

You’re just getting grumpier. You’re in the right place for that. And tonight a fun comic that we’re featuring tonight. Casey James, really funny guy. I just discovered him myself. But really paints a really funny picture about what it’s like for guys out there. And I’m a really big advocate for making sure the fellows feel heard because they don’t get asked enough.