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The Slow Burn Relationship

If that feeling came in a day, it can go in a day.

Alisa Purifico

If you meet somebody and instantaneously that chemistry is there, and it’s lust and you guys are just like, can’t you keep each other’s hands off of each other? That is not the recipe for a long-lasting healthy relationship. And I cannot preach it enough. The slow burn is so important. So don’t get those two things twisted.

If you meet someone, you go on a first date, you laugh, you feel some attraction and you have good conversation… see it through. Give it a go because it can just get better from there. And if, you know, after four dates, it just doesn’t work three dates… fine. At least you’re practicing and you are learning what works and what doesn’t.

So by the time you meet the right person, you’re good to go. It’ll work out. And it’s funny too because if that feeling came in a day, it can go in a day. So if you want the long haul? You want to ask yourself, how did it come to you?

Did you put in the groundwork? And it’s like they say with success… the stuff that we work for, we feel that so much more than the stuff that was given to us, right?! Or things that just randomly happened to you. Yeah, it’s so much more meaningful and that is what the foundation of true love and a long lasting relationship is.

It is working and being each other’s partners and finding good balance and being able to really be with someone that you’re comfortable with because you’ve had the chance to really get to know them. And that doesn’t happen overnight.