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Too Tired To…

Happy Wednesday. Y’all happy hump day , we’re going live early tonight. Surprise. One, because honestly, if I’m real with you, I’m a little tired.

I’m a little tired and you know what? My hubby just said that I am one person on camera and another person off-camera. Here’s me on and off camera, samzies, but I don’t know. I wanted to come on. I’m a bit tired, but I know you guys are too I’m not the only one. I’m not the queen of tired randomly right now.

I think why I wanted to share that, I wanted to bring you guys in to share how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling tired as well, let us know, it’s tough times.

Here we talk about dating, so if you’re tired of dating or anything in particular let us know comment, please message. We have pros here, we’re here to chat about it and connect you with other awesome quality people who feel the same way.