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What’s Fun about Virtual Dating?

Here’s what’s fun about virtual dating right now. Money and sex are off the table. And while that might not be super exciting for those of you who just live for the first date sleeping with each other, this is not that crowd.

For those of you who are super intimidated by anything physical and don’t want to do that on the first date. And also money seems to be a stressor… this is a great time to connect Equally.

Nobody’s picking up a check and yes, you can have internet sex, but there’s no pressure to do that. There’s no physical chemistry happening right away.

In terms of physicality, you’re safe. Nobody’s jumping through the screen to come at you. So these are really exciting things, really empowering things. They put you in control. It puts you in the driver’s seat. And gives you the ability to really not be so exposed.

Dates are painful because if you’re in a situation that isn’t immediately nice and cozy, then you have to find a way to either adore it, which is what most people do, or get out of it.

Online. Dating a virtual dating is actually really empowering because you can actually put yourself in a less painful and vulnerable position for a less amount of time. And actually, it will go farther. So this is actually an exciting time, not a bad time.